Cooking With My Sister’s Bestfriend

Cooking with my sister’s bestfriend is always fun but unfortunately a rare ocassion, as she always brings either cooked food or chips from the grocery every time she visits. We love having her at her in our humble home, as she is one of the few friends my sister has that I really like. Almost like family actually. For her visit today, since we couldn’t attend her 22nd birthday last August, she prepared for us their special potato salad. A family recipe of theirs that my sister missed eating for a long time.
Without further ado, let me share with you Patricia’s potato salad recipe. If in case you would like to replicate, feel free to tweak it to your own desire.


Marble potato
Fresh basil
Italian seasoning
Olive oil or Vegetable oil
Knorr chicken cubes

For the procedure, well cooking potato salad is quite elementary already and there are tons of versions I’m sure you know or can find online. But for her version, you have to cook the garlic, basil and chicken cubes. Then add the mayonnaise or dressing of your choice afterwards.


For the dressing


We only used 2 cubes


Boil the potatoes

Prepare the basil. Since we don’t have a food processor we chopped the basil finely and then grinded it with vegetable oil.


Thoroughly wash the basil


Grind the basil with vegetable oil or olive oil

Cook the garlic and basil together, and then add the knorr chicken cubes afterwards. No need for salt. We didn’t put pepper, but I think a dash or two of pepper would make it taste more better.


Mix the basil and garlic with the mayonnaise and add 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning. Depending on your taste.


Incorporate ingredients well

And the end result?


Finished product

It’s a bit fattening considering the mayonnaise and potatos [carbs], but as my sister said, “Carbs kung carbs, it’s your birthday tomorrow!” Haha! The fresh basil was really yummy and we enjoyed Patricia’s potato salad cooked with love and lot’s of laughter. Thanks again Patricia ♥


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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