Nestle Goodness

Nestle goodness! Aside from my ultimate favorite snack Yogurt, I found a not so new milk from nestle that I am currently enjoying now. I was thinking of getting the usual low fat milk from Nestle, but because more often than not, anything pink is a big sell for me.

Case in point?

Nestle Non Fat Milk P30.00

Nestle Non Fat Milk P30.00

The non fat variant tasted “light” and not so milky which I liked. Admittedly, I don’t really drink milk. The only exception would be when I’m eating cereal.

I normally buy the Fitnesse plain variant, but this time I decided to try Fitnesse and Fruit. The plain variant costs P99.00 while the one with fruit costs P147.50 [at Shopwise Pasong Tamo]. It has dried pineapple, papaya and raisins. The dried fruits gives it a chewy experience and makes the milk a bit sweeter.

Nestle goodies

Nestle goodies


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