Bonito’s Bar and Restaurant – Not that kind of food review

Hello my fellow foodies! Quite a long week huh?

Anyhow, for today’s post is a mini ‘feature’ of a restaurant that we were able to try at Los Banos, Laguna called – Bonito’s. I say a mini feature because it was more of a lunch treat from our cousin, and I preferred to spend my time catching up with my cousins at that time. But as a serious foodie, it is a ritual for me to take photos of my meals especially when I dine out. Well, It can’t be helped!

Honestly, there are a lot for me to say about my experience with Bonito’s which was a hit and a lot of misses. First up was the water container they used to serve the customers, which was really dirty and had some brown stains. My cousin and I immediately noticed it and I was really grossed out. I didn’t take photos of it anymore, as I didn’t want to be the cousin who kept complaining when it was a free lunch. While I did appreciate the treat, I can’t help but scrutinize how dirty the glass containers were.  I asked the waiter to replace the container, unfortunately it just looked like it has been sitting in the shelf for a while.

As for their service? I can forgive their inattentiveness as the place was quite full with customers. There’s always room for improvement right?

Lastly, while their pizza was decent there were some parts that tasted ‘odd’. They put some kind of ‘breading’ [not sure what’s it called] underneath the pizza plate to prevent it from sticking? But whatever that black powder was underneath, It tasted like mold/rubber. I was lucky that the pizza I got didn’t have that.

I guess my main concern was really how inattentively they served us that dirty water container. Management should remind their staff about that.

So on to the food. I wasn’t able to take photos of the generous plates served to each of our tables [yes, we had 3 pasta courses for lunch and pizza], was able to take two pasta dishes which was both a hit for me.

I believe this is one order of lasagna, which is definitely good for sharing. The flavors were quite good and the noodles were cooked al dente.



Pasta Noodles in meat sauce

Pasta Noodles in meat sauce

I wished that this order was the one served first, as I liked how meaty the pasta was and the sauce is quite good too. I’d definitely recommend this if ever you’re around Los Banos.

Ambiance is casual, nothing fancy but very comfy. For the WiFi sniffer? [ahem], good thing they offer free WiFi.  Below is a photo I took of their one of a kind chandelier. How genius is that?

Interiors at Bonito's

Interiors at Bonito’s


3 thoughts on “Bonito’s Bar and Restaurant – Not that kind of food review

  1. Marianne says:

    Hi there! 🙂 just stumbled upon your blog. I was wondering if we could invite you to our restaurant in los baños for a review as well? Please let me know if you’re interested. Feel free to contact me at your most convenient time 09175046926. Thanks!

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