NaBloPoMo Day 2: Celebratory lunch at The House of Wagyu Stone Grill

November is one of the months that most writers look forward to, as they annually have their NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month). I never attempted to write a novel and so this challenge is something that I’ve been passing up, ever since I found about it a few years ago. However, when I learned about the #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month); I know this is more up my alley [so to speak]. Basically, the goal is to post once every day for the entire month of November. No theme, no word count, no rules; just you, your blog, and 30 new post. I already missed two days worth of blog post but I will try my best to make up for it. But really the challenge is actually trying to come up with daily post about food or travel until the end of November.

Well, here’s to my first post for the NaBloPoMo challenge.

Last October 26 was my sisters graduation and our celebratory lunch was at The House of Wagyu. It was my first time to dine at the E-com Tower branch near SM Mall of Asia, the ambiance was familiar but what diners would enjoy most would be the view. I forgot what grade of steak we had, but like always it comes with complimentary bread, soup, salad and side veggies for the main course.

First course - cream of mushroom soup

First course – cream of mushroom soup

Second course - Ceasar salad

Second course – Caesar salad

And what House of Wagyu Stone Grill does best; aged Wagyu steak at its finest. Seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I simply love having to cook my own steak to my own preferred doneness.

Melt in the mouth aged Wagyu steak

Melt in the mouth aged Wagyu steak

And like I always say, “no meal is complete without dessert!” 

I must commend their complimentary chocolate cake. For someone who is not into chocolate cake, their flourless chocolate cake was surprisingly good. If my senses are right, it’s made of really good cocoa? Also what makes a good cake is the texture, for something flourless it was a bit dense yet not dry. Actually everything –  from the complimentary bread down to dessert was exceptional! Super thanks to my mom for the treat and the wonderful staff at The House of Wagyu.

The prices may be steep, but with good reason as you are getting what you pay for. Quality of food and service at its best.


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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