NaBloPoMo Day 3: Something new from North Park

Eating out with my family is predictable as our most frequented restaurant is either Luk Yuen or North Park. I guess it always boils down to our family favorite every time we dine out. And what luck that Glorietta 5 has both, although last Saturday Luk Yuen was closed so we opted the latter. While we normally order our favorite wanton noodle soup, my sister and I saw a man with a huge bowl of noodle soup with lots of toppings. It simply looked so good that we both decided to order what was called – Ultimate Noodle Soup.

Below are the food that we ordered. First up is the appetizer. It was mom who ordered the Pinsec frito, [actually she was the one who ordered for most of the dishes, except for my sisters and I] which I wasn’t crazy about really. I would’ve preferred the prawn dumpling, but it was still no less a delight to munch on while waiting for our food.

Pinsec frito for appetizer. The dipping sauce is really good

Pinsec frito for appetizer. The dipping sauce is really good

One can never go wrong with North Park’s best seller fried rice.  There were still a lot of leftovers which we decided to bring home.

North Park's best seller - Salted fish fried rice

North Park’s best seller – Salted fish fried rice

Mom also ordered the salt and pepper pork ribs for our main dish. The meat was soft and the dipping sauce, yet again was really good.

Salt and Pepper Pork

Salt and Pepper Pork

Here’s a photo of my oldest sisters order of noodle soup

Nanking Beef Noodle Soup

Nanking Beef Noodle Soup

And lastly our order of Ultimate Noodle Soup. It basically has wantons, beef tendons, mushrooms and another kind of toppings. It comes in a big bowl, which also has a good portion of noodles that’s good for sharing. Because of the ultimate-ness of this dish, the soup is served separately. I wasn’t able to taste it though as I was pretty much overwhelmed by the sight of the dish. One order costs Php258.00, and I think the price is well worth it.

Ultimate Noodle Soup, truly ultimate indeed.

Ultimate Noodle Soup



That wraps up my foodie food trip with my family last weekend. We had so much fun watching Thor, eating popcorn from Tater’s and dinner was truly enjoyed and appreciated by all of my siblings. Thanks mom!

I highly recommend North Park’s Ultimate Noodle Soup, which is best shared with a love one. Our total bill cost us around Php900+ but with a senior citizen discount, mom paid more or less around Php700+ I think. The benefits of a senior citizen, he-he.

Siblings and the foodie blogger wearing the green top

Siblings and the foodie blogger wearing the green top

Till my next post!



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