Ristorante Bigoli

How timely that I had plans on pursuing a one month challenge, and then on the fourth day I suddenly get sick for almost a week. Well, let me just carry on with it shall we? Last Friday, I accompanied my date to TriNoma for a parcel and what’s a date without a foodie adventure right?

Quite frankly, aside from the ‘adventure’ we were just simply famished by that time and Ristorante Bigoli seems to be the perfect place to satiate our Italian craving for the day.

Ristorante Bigoli at TriNoma

Ristorante Bigoli at TriNoma

Bigoli is a self service type of restaurant, which offers big servings at an affordable price. They also offer free bread sticks which is something you shouldn’t pass up, as I surprisingly enjoyed two fluffy and flavorful bread sticks along with my meal of Romano’s Solo Plate Stromboli. My meal consists of minestrone soup, Bolognese pasta, chicken and 3 pcs. of Stromboli. The salad was my date’s part of his meal.

Romano's set Php225

Romano’s Solo Plate Stromboli Php225

Everything on my plate was happily wolfed down except for my Stromboli. I gave two to my foodie partner and the noodles from the minestrone was left untouched. For Php225 your money is well spent, as it also comes with a refillable drink and you can ask for more bread sticks as long as you can still consume more of it. Considering if you really are hungry, or you’re not counting the extra calories.

Below is a photo of my date’s plate.

Set meal

Romano’s Solo Plate Pizza Php225

Bigoli's Menu

Bigoli’s Menu

While waiting for our food, which took like 5 to 8 minutes I was staring at this poster. Which looks quite appetizing actually as I love vegetarian pizza. Will definitely try this next time, that is if we get to visit TriNoma anytime soon.

Bigoli's new offerings

Bigoli’s new offerings

That wraps up my foodie food trip last week!

Till my next post!



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