The Foodie Goes Healthy: A sweet fix that won’t make you fat

Hello foodie readers! If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you would know that I have a serious sweet tooth. With that said, let me quickly share with you something sweet YET something healthy that I currently discovered. Many thanks to one of the Editorial Assistant here at work for sharing this.

New discovery from The Superfood Grocer

Raw Cacao Nibs Php350.00

Raw Cacao Nibs Php350.00

 Health benefits of raw cacao nibs? 

Chocolate in its purest, most nutrient-rich form, coated with low glycemic coconut sugar. Powerful source of antioxidants – higher than blueberries, green tea, and red wine. Releases happy hormones too. 

– taken from website

At first bite it tastes a bit sweet, afterwards it leaves a bitter after taste. It’s not bad actually if you need a quick sweet fix to satiate a craving. Here’s how the product looks like.

How the cacao nibs looks like

Cocoa nibs 

I checked their website and was super DUPER pleasantly surprised to see that they are selling DATES! OH EHMM GEEEE, DATES? I’ve been looking everywhere for dates for the longest time. Well, okay I saw Cash and Carry selling preserved dates but I’m definitely giving Superfood Grocer a try soon! Soon meaning this weekend! – ha ha

If you want to learn more about The Superfood Grocer, you can find them in their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Any of you tried The Superfood Grocer? Recommendations? Would love to hear them~



4 thoughts on “The Foodie Goes Healthy: A sweet fix that won’t make you fat

  1. Team Super says:

    Thank you so much for this! ❤ We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed our cacao nibs! You can also download our free Green Smoothies Super Starter Guide + Recipes (eBook) at where we share how you can get started on a stronger, healthier, more vibrant you regardless of your starting point. 🙂

    Rooting for you! 🙂

  2. Amelie says:

    Thank you for sharing this unbiased feedback – very important for people who want to make wise purchases. My only problem now is I want to buy everything on their store! 😦 How were the dates? 🙂

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