[Movie Munchies] Nacho King

Because I like to keep things organized for my blog posts, I’d like to add a new category and this one is called ‘Movie Munchies’, and for today’s post is my favorite movie munchies of all time – Nachos!

While others prefer popcorn for their movie snack, I personally prefer nachos between the latter.  There are two contenders; Taters and Nacho King. But if I would have to vote which is best between the two, my vote goes to [hands down] NACHO KING! Taters is also good, but price value is a bit ‘pricey’ as you would have to separately pay for the toppings for P20 each.

I never got a chance to take decent photos of the Nacho King kiosk at SM Megamall. More so being able to take a decent shot of the Nachos itself, as it’s all gone before I can even attempt to do so. Luckily during my visit at the World Bazaar Festival, I saw a Nacho King kiosk at the food hall. Finally! It deserves a well taken photo feature here in my food blog. Ha-ha!

Because watching movies  deserves an awesome movie munchie

Because watching movies deserves an awesome movie munchies

Well, I’m pretty sure this has loads and loads of calories but I can burn it the next day with my workout routine anyway.

Check out their price list and Nacho options.

Which one do you like?

Which one do you like?

My date and I love to share over their Jumbo Loaded nachos. You can choose your 4 toppings, nothing fancy or extra ordinary but quite good. If you want to add an extra topping, just add P15. Photo below is how the Jumbo loaded nachos looks like.

Replace the beef with cheese because they ran out already.

Cheesy goodness!

One order of Jumbo loaded and sharing it with someone is definitely enough to fill your nacho craving.

Another thing to note about Nacho King is, they are open for franchising and offer catering to parties. To know more about the franchise, head on to their Facebook page and why not follow them as well in Twitter.

How about you? Do you like nachos as well when watching movies? Any favorites from Nacho King? Share them away at the comment section~



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