Captivating Marinduque: Boac Hotel and Cuisine

My recent travel destination was in Marinduque, and I must say that we were all blown away with this province not only because of its beauty but the people as well. Our first stop upon arriving from our 5 hour travel by car and boat, was at Boac Hotel to have our late lunch. I wasn’t able to take photos anymore but despite the “normality” of seafood and the soup dish it was well received by our empty tummies.

Entering Boac Hotel’s doorstep, we were greeted with Marinduque’s well-known cookies – Arrowroot cookies. I was able to try some with the ‘Pinipig’ variant last Christmas and it was so good. It deserves a separate blog post review. More on that on my next post.

The restaurant has a very simple yet nostalgic vibe as the owner collects interesting thing-a-majings from the early 70’s or 80’s inherited from her father’s collection.

Nostalgic Memorabilias adorn the walls

Nostalgic Memorabilias adorn the walls

After lunch, we met one of the Governor’s staff and she told us that the meeting will be held at the hotel. After the long [yet fruitful] discussion, our graceful hosts ordered Boac Hotel’s specialties for our dinner. First up was salad [freshly harvested vegetables]. Although, I am not sure if this is included in the menu. Simple always tastes the best.

Next came the best ‘Binagoongan’ rice I have tasted by far [well for me at least]. It was past 6pm, and while I try my best to avoid rice for dinner, I couldn’t resist trying and experiencing this dish. Admittedly, I gained a few pounds from this trip but it was all worth it. I can always burn it off with exercise anyway.

The ‘Bagoong’ they used was also one of the products they are selling. What I like about it is that, it has no after taste and that it is not too strong compared to others. As the saying goes: “Kanin pa lang, ulam na!”. The rice is topped with scrambled egg and green mango for an added layer of taste.

Boac Hote's Binagoongan rice Even those on a diet can't resist this

Boac Hote’s Binagoongan rice
Even those on a diet can’t resist this

Sisig seems to be a staple [well almost] for any occasion, and Boac Hotel makes a decent sizzling ‘sisig’ dish. Nothing special but it goes well with their ‘binagoongan’ rice or perhaps as ‘pulutan’ for drinking session.

Sizzling 'Sisig' is always present to any gathering

Sizzling ‘Sisig’ is always present to any gathering

While I’m not too fond of ‘pinakbet’, another specialty of the hotel was ‘pinakbet’, and I must say that it was also really good. The pork was succulent and the veggies were not over cooked. One thing to note [and my overall observation through out our meal] was, how everything was cooked “just right”. It wasn’t leaning to ‘maalat’ or ‘matabang’ in taste.

Boac Hotel's Pinakbet

Boac Hotel’s Pinakbet

The last dish that arrived that they wanted for us to try was, Marinduque’s version of local craw fish. These were quickly deep fried and comes with the usual vinegar dipping sauce. We were already so full when this dish came, but we all took one piece to try, out of courtesy to our host. I hope they plan on making a boiled version though.

Crunchy local crawfish

Crunchy local crawfish – 

It was one of our memorable dining experience during our stay. I’d highly recommend for you to try Boac Hotel’s specialty as it stays to its roots of local and fresh Marinduque cuisine.

After dinner, the owner of the hotel offered to take us to a quick tour of her place. Below are photos.

Boac Hotel

Boac Hotel


Lastly, here’s a photo of my favorite room among the other rooms I saw. The owner said that Drew Arellano stayed at this room for his travel show.

A romantic room perfect for couples

A romantic room perfect for couples

Hotel price list for reference

Hotel price list for reference

Overall, the hotel is shabby chic. It needs improvements in some areas, and I hope they will fix that. Everything else? it’s a nice place to stay in and get away from all the Manila stress. Don’t worry, if you need to be online they offer free Wi-Fi 😉




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