Quick Bites: Affordable yet Filling Hoagies

As much as possible when I make food reviews, I try my best not to get too technical about it. Let me just share with you then my food adventure this time with Hoagies. Hoagies opened last October of 2013, and it was only a few weeks back that I was finally able to try this sandwich shop along with my food trip partner.

Sandwich shops normally has 6 or 12″ inch subs, but what sets Hoagies apart? They have 8″ inch subs for only P88. Now that is what I call, a bang for your buck kind of meal.

Choose your sandwich sub

Choose your sandwich sub

We went here on a Sunday, a little past 12 noon just in time for lunch. I wasn’t able to take photos of the place anymore like I would normally would, due to lack of sleep. But Hoagies is playfully painted with red walls, with basic tables and chairs like a typical sandwich shop would look.

I ordered their backyard roast chicken, and luckily it was part of their 8 inch for P88 Hoagies.

I ordered their backyard roast chicken, and luckily it was part of their 8 inch for P88 Hoagies.

As for my roast chicken, it was no way near from what the advertisement photo looks like. No complaints though, okay maybe just one thing? If they can add a bit more veggies and sauce? It just needed more, especially on the lettuce part. Still, with the price range you can’t really complain. At the end of the day, it would leave any hungry tummy or craving satisfied. If you’re a first timer to try out Hoagies, my best bet is for you to try their best sellers first. Despite the lack there of, I have still yet to try their other flavors such as their pulled pork adobo or chori special. Hopefully soon.

By the way, If you by chance own either a 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS. Join in the fun with their weekly SP (Street Pass), happening every Sunday at 5pm – onwards at Hoagies SM Bicutan. Drop by and join the fun!

Illustration by Martin Jimenez

Illustration by Martin Jimenez

More about Hoagies: Hoagies Philippines


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