Milk Tea’s in the Metro: Awesome Possibiliteas at Cobo

As what Olaf sang in the movie Frozen; “It’s Summerrrrrrrr!” Indeed it is! And what better way to cool down with a cold spoonfull of snow. Yes, snow! (okay, it’s actually spelled as snoe) Where? At the new milk tea shop where my sister and I had tried, at SM Jazz Makati called “Cobo”.

Since it was a new place for us, we asked the staff what their best seller is. He recommended the Classic Cobo milk tea, which my sister ordered. I, on the other hand chose the Honeydew Milk tea with 50% sweetness and pearl sinkers. The 22oz costs at P59, just add 10 for the sinkers. The ambiance at SM Jazz was super cozy on a Sunday. If you’re looking for a quiet place to study or on a date, this is a perfect place to stay at.

Our thoughts on the Cobo milk tea? The taste of the tea is quite strong which my sister didn’t like. Personally, it was okay for me. As for my honeydew milk tea, it was very good. Not that spectacular kind of good, but a good recommendation for first timers.


My sister also ordered their Snow cream. The staff recommended to add toppings but we both think that the plain version is quite good by itself already.

layers of ice cream in melon flavor

layers of ice cream in melon flavor

The snow cream was good too, the solo costs at P39 while to share is at P69. After much observation with their menu, I can say that Cobo offers affordable beverages and snacks for customers to enjoy.

                                                                                                             Check out Cobo at their Facebook page


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