Afforda-meals: A pleasant adventure at SAMURAI

Hello Foodies! For today’s post, let me share with you my current food discovery which I pleasantly enjoyed at Glorietta Food Choices yesterday. My date and I met past lunch time, and before going to the book signing of Mr. Gerry Alanguilan at Robinsons Galleria, we decided to eat first before travelling to Ortigas.

When I’m not craving for anything in particular, I always find myself in this kind of situation; “I want something different, but don’t want to spend so much today”. Ha-ha!

Samurai Food Stall at Glorietta

Samurai Food Stall at Glorietta

After going through different kiosks, I curiously stopped by at the Samurai Food stall. For those who may not know, Samurai Food has been around through the years and they are well known for their Takoyaki. Which Martin has been a loyal customer since the beginning of Samurai’s existence.

The first thing I had noticed was the newly designed logo of Samurai, and that they have new items to offer such as rice meals. I gave their Gyoza a chance, in hopes (okay, with little to low expectations) that at least it would be a decent yet affordable meal. My date on the other hand ordered the Okonomiyaki, aside from Takoyaki, it’s also one of  his favorite food to order from them.

I didn’t bother taking a photo of my meal, which now I regret as it turned out to be quite good. It must be because of the gyoza sauce? but I really enjoyed it a lot. As for the Okonomiyaki? Well, when my date intended to order the Okonomiyaki which was supposed to be HIS order. Wellllll? I shamelessly finished it all and just left him half a piece. He-he. While it may not be authentic but for a ‘fast food’ version? It was worth it.

As seen in the photo, Samurai’s Okonomiyaki is swimming in sauce (sweet and tangy), and sliced into four pieces. I’d recommend to eat it with rice.

Okonomiyaki P44

Okonomiyaki P44

I will definitely be back to have my Okonomiyaki fix pretty soon! It was indeed a satisfying food encounter with my food buddy!



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