Travel Destination: Spectacular Batanes!


I have visited the province of Batanes many years ago. If I can recall correctly, I was still a college student back then. After coming back last week, it is without a doubt still a destination that leaves me breathless with its bare beauty of places such as; the beautiful sunset at the Rolling Hills, iconic light houses and enormous hills that is surrounded by the pacific ocean. A living painting if I say so myself.

But amidst the beauty that lies in this small province, I find that there is one reason for me not to go to Batanes. And that is; if I want a luxurious or at least average facilities or perhaps fun activities in the beach. Unfortunately, there is none. Another factor that disappointed me was, the sudden increased rates. I don’t mind paying, but at the end of the day, it’s the little details that count. I hope in the near future, they can improve their short comings from societies 21st century problems. Then again, this province is not known for these issues, but what nature can show to us tourists (local and foreign). Natural beauty, untouched by modernization.

Words are not enough to describe Batanes, so let me share some photos from my adventure along with Mandy Navasero participants for March 28-31, 2014. Other photos to be posted at Adventures Of A Lady Explorer’s page.

Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach

Participants for our BPS March 28-31 2014

Participants for our BPS March 28-31 2014. Outside the Japanese Tunnel

In the dark. Japanese Tunnel

In the dark. Japanese Tunnel

Scenic view on the road

Scenic view on the road

Basco Light house

Basco Light house

If I were to be asked on what my favorite part of our itinerary was? It would be; my adventure to the Japanese tunnel ( a surreal experience and a must try), and the panoramic view at Boulder beach. But, truth be told? I enjoyed all destinations we’ve visited, as it still leaves a lasting impression. Every destination is simply beautiful.

Simply beautiful.


Incidentally, I am promoting our remaining Batanes Photo Safari schedules: April 18-21, May 2-5. For inquiries feel free to pm or email me at:


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