[A Surprising Food Discovery] The Best Pizza is in BATANES


When I think of Batanes (when it comes to food), the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Bukayo’.  ‘Bukayo’ is dried coconut and sugar mixed together and formed into bars; a delicacy in the island. Other than that, Batanes isn’t really a destination you can consider a food destination to begin with. But, that changed when an authentic Italian pizza place opened around 4 years ago called – Casa Napoli.

Casa Napoli brands itself as authentic, as the owner’s brother worked in Italy as a chef and learned how to make good pizza. The word “good” or “awesome” simply does not justify the pizza he makes, you really have to try it yourself. The restaurant is located in their newly opened hotel called Bernardo’s, which is a few kilometers away from Batanes Seaside Lodge.

Minimalist. Bernardo's Hotel

Minimalist. Bernardo’s Hotel


Casa Napoli and Bernardo’s Hotel Sign Board. You won’t miss it!

They have 6 flavors available and their best seller is their Italiana. Word of caution though, prepare to wait for 30 minutes for your order as they can accommodate only 2 pizza’s in their oven. But I promise you, the wait is so worth it.

Casa Napoli's Menu

Casa Napoli’s Menu


During my two trips last March and this April, I was able to try Primavera, Italiana, Garlic and Cheese, and Hawaiian. They were all consistently good, but since I like my pizza topped with vegetables, Primavera is my favorite among them all. I’m having a difficult time to describe the crust, but it was light, crisp and not oily. The tomato sauce slathered on the pie was different as well. Not your typical sweet based tomato sauce, something I haven’t tried here in the Metro. They all have familiar toppings, but the taste is truly one of a kind.

You may wonder how come I’ve been travelling back and forth in Batanes. My mom annually organizes her Mandy Navasero Batanes Photo Safari, and incidentally we still have two more trips for this year. See photo below.

Mandy Navasero's Participants during Holy Week (April 18-21,2014)

Mandy Navasero’s Participants during Holy Week (April 18-21,2014)

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