Captivating Marinduque: Romantic Sunset


It seems that I’ve been traveling a lot since the start of 2014. While I have traveled to different places, there is one bucket list that I’ve been meaning to capture for the longest time and thankfully I was able to do just that, during my travel back to Marinduque last week [May 8-10].

That bucket list was to take photos of a romantic sunset by the beach. Mother Nature truly leaves me speechless with its astonishing beauty. Breathless. Spectacular. Romantic.

The first few photos below were sunset photos taken outside our gracious host’s home.

Boac Sunset. The view outside our room

Boac Sunset. The view outside our room

blog sunset 2

Boac Sunset. The view outside the pergola


Boac Sunset. Man and Boat

Lastly, the photo below is a collage of sunset photos taken at Gasan in Gasan Cathedral.

Enchanted by God's work

Enchanted by God’s work

My weekend adventure doesn’t stop here, as we were able to go ‘slightly’ hardcore caving at the Ka Amon Cave. More of that on my next post. Other sunset photos will be posted in my Facebook page.

Adventures of A Lady Explorer

P.S. *All photos owned and photographed by Kate Navasero. Please credit properly if you decide to share the photo/s. Thank you. 


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