Encountering Marinduque’s Sights and Sounds


In continuation of my second trip to Marinduque last week, here are a few more photos of our nature tripping around Gasan. Our first destination was at the Paadyao Falls. Before trekking, our tourism officer Mr. Joven showed us what used to be an overflowing river. Sadly because of Mining many years ago [man’s greedy intentions], turned this once natural resource into dry “land”.

The result of Man's Greed

The result of Man’s Greed

Our trek adventure to the Paadyao Falls was quite a breeze and a relaxing experience, as we were able to see colorful butterflies, dragon flies and a few singing [chirping] birds.

Paadyao Falls.

Paadyao Falls.

We stayed for a few minutes taking photos, but more of appreciating the beautiful surrounding. I can safely say that the area was 98% clean and thankfully, in case “nature calls” there’s a toilet readily available for us to use. Our next destination was the Ka Amon Cave. During breakfast, Tito Joven mentioned that we will get down and dirty on our caving trip. True enough, we sure went down and dirty. Mind you, it’s a pretty hardcore caving experience that I encountered so far. I wasn’t dressed for the “occasion” which made my Spelunking adventure one of a kind. Helmets were provided by our tour guide.

Ka Amon Cave rich in history and in nature. In history, because there were human remains left during the Spanish era. Slightly creepy, yet interesting to see actual bones. See photo below.

Human remains left untouched

Human remains left untouched

Crystals embedded

Rampant vandalism.

As soon as we walked deeper into the cave, the steps got quitely more difficult for me. Well, spelunking on a dress and sandals made it tough. Note to self, prepare next time. But, as much as it was difficult, it was an experience I was glad I didn’t chicken out. Inside the cave were swift birds and we were lucky to see itty bitty swift eggs in their nest. My camera’s auto focus feature was a bit wonky, hence the slightly un-sharp image of the nest.

Swift eggs

Swift eggs

Aren't these so adorable?

Aren’t these so adorable?

Seeing these made my spelunking experience so worth it. Priceless. Upon exiting, we told Mr. Joven that we deserve a certificate for this. Well, the photo below will suffice for now.

L-R: My brother Kert, Yours truly, Ms. Janine Lloren and the Kagawad (sorry I forgot the name).

L-R: My brother Kert, Yours truly, Ms. Janine Lloren and the Brgy. Captain (sorry I forgot the name).

For lunch we headed to Poktoy Beach where we had freshly caught Yellow fin tuna. Grilled and ‘Pangat‘ [boiled with spices]. While waiting for our food to be cooked, Tita Janine treated us to Halo Halo! Delish! Perfect way to cool down in the sweltering heat.

'Special' Halo Halo

‘Special’ Halo Halo

Our second to the last stop was the view of the infamous Bellarocca Island.

Scenic view.

Scenic view.

Till my next adventure!




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