Food Destination: Dining at Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden and Restaurant

It has been a long time since I last visited, Ugu Bigyan’s pottery house in Tiaong, Quezon. Fast forward last May 15, 2014, we organized a day tour at Lucban Quezon. Which we all had fun and our tummies full from a Lucban Food Trip. Before even heading to the Pahiyas Festival, our first itinerary was card making (morning snack and lunch included) in Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden and Restaurant.

For those who may not know who Ugu Bigyan is, he is well-known in the country for making world-class hand made potteries, a restaurateur, interior designer and landscape artist.

As soon as we arrived, we did not waste time and started making our personal cards to give as gifts to friends and love ones. The weather (as usual) was extremely hot that day, but thankfully we were served their special Halo Halo which was served in a huge glass.


Ugu Bigyan’s Special Halo Halo P120

Come 12 noon, the staff were setting up the table. Of course what is a lunch experience at Ugu Bigyan without his hand-made creations.

We were all stuffed from our morning snack, but when the waiters started serving the food; little did we know that we were in for a feast. It was surely an unforgettable feast which I hope my friends and I will be able to experience in our next travel list in the future.

First dish which was served was clam soup. I have never been fond of eating clam soup, but Ugu Bigyan’s was THE best (by far). Perhaps it’s because the meat was “plump” and freshly cooked. Funny how this dish is familiar, yet can be cooked so differently when in the province.

Clam soup

Clam soup

Next dish served is also something that I’m not very fond of eating – Seaweed salad. Most people cook theirs with too much vinegar, but what sorcery does the chef have that they cook it PERFECTLYYY! This is another must try at Ugu’s restaurant if you happen to plan a trip.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad

Main dishes started arriving and we were so overwhelmed by the amount of food placed in our table. The ‘Ginataang Langka’ was also another exceptional dish. Also one of the best I’ve had by far.

'Ginataang Langka" (Bamboo shoots in coconut cream)

‘Ginataang Langka” (Bamboo shoots in coconut cream)

I had a bit of everything except for the fish. The mussels, shrimp and baby back ribs were quite good. As for the chicken, it could have been better if only it was a bit thoroughly cooked.

And then there was dessert. My favorite part of the meal, however I had to skip this as I didn’t want to push it anymore. We were all so full already that we weren’t able to finish the ‘Guinumis’.

'Guinumis' Filipino dessert

‘Guinumis’ Filipino dessert

My dining experience at Ugu is definitely a memorable food adventure, as not only is the place so intimate and relaxing, you can expect to have good food served. From what I know, they will offer a bed and breakfast service in the future. Now that is something to look forward to, perhaps in a cooler season.

Next post will be photos of interior and hand-made pieces of the garden.

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