Budget Travel Diaries 1.1: Water Camp Resort

Many weeks ago, our friend Nicoy asked if we wanted to go swimming before summer officially ends. Martin and I instantly agreed and after finalizing our schedules along with our friends Joy and Edwin, we agreed on an overnight swimming outing not too far from Metro Manila at – Water Camp Resort, Kawit Cavite last May 28, 2014.

Water Camp Resort is also known where Josephine’s Restaurant is located. From what I was told, it serves good Filipino cuisine. Unfortunately, it was closed that day but despite that good thing they have a Little Josephine’s mini restaurant.

Timing couldn’t be so perfect (sarcastic voice), that my monthly visitor came on the first day of our trip. Upon packing, I decided not bring gadgets such as my tablet and DSLR camera as I feel I wouldn’t be able to use it that much. Also because I know I won’t have enough energy that day. Regardless of that unfortunate situation, I tried my best to enjoy our first night. We arrived at the resort past 3PM, checked-in our things, and changed into our swimsuits, ready to jump! Oh, that cold blue water felt sooo good on a hot weather.

The entrance to the resort. Photo by Edwin Francisco

The entrance to the resort. Photo by Edwin Francisco

More view from the resort, please see photos below.

This way to Water Camp

This way to Water Camp

water camp 2

Children’s Interactive Pool area

Water Camp Slides

Water Camp Slides (Dunk Pool)

Pool for adults

Pool for adults

Lazy river night shot

Lazy river night shot

water camp 6

Where the Kidney Shaped pool is

The lazy river

The lazy river

Our personal favorite was the lazy river – a 160 meter river, which surrounds the whole area of the different swimming pools divisions. It wasn’t an ordinary “river” so to speak, as it has water spa areas and strong currents at certain parts. It was so much fun! Another thing to note is Water Camp’s Mini Wave pool, which we all enjoyed to our hearts content. Sadly it wasn’t a continuous wave as it had time intervals.

To sum up our first budget travel, I think we spent around P2,000.00 each for hotel accommodation with entrance fee and food:

* For transportation, our friend Edwin brought his car with him. Parking fee at MOA around P50.00

* Toll fee, perhaps back and forth we spent around P200.00 or less? (correct me if I’m wrong).

* We all brought food and drinks with us to lessen our expenses. But since we got tired from our swimming rendevouz during our first night, Nicoy treated us for dinner (thank you). Prices at Little Josephine’s restaurant is affordable, serving size is okay though. If you’re on a budget they offer rice bowls which we had for lunch before leaving for check out. I think we paid around P80 for our chicken terriyaki rice bowl, which was so-so for me.

Overall, despite that we lacked a few things to bring with us. It was still a successful budget travel. Definitely looking for our next trip soon!

Thanks guys!

Friends having fun!

Friends having fun!

All photos owned (borrowed with permission) by Edwin Francisco.



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