Weekend Bites: Dimsum Break

I suppose, growing up like most families, Chinese food is a staple and is one of the most well loved cuisines in the world. My family frequents such when we get to eat out on weekends or if mom simply wants to treat us out. My most ordered food from any Chinese restaurant would be dim sum. And speaking of dim sum, finally, having travelled to the North for the past few weeks. I was able to try Dimsum Break at SM North Edsa.

Dimsum Break has been around for a long time, and I believe their flagship store is in Cebu. And as food bloggers heard that they will open a branch here in Manila; like any new restaurant [or doughnut shop] opens, expectedly, people will frolic over and food reviews are over flowing = hype. It was during my significant other’s birthday that I saw a branch at SM North Edsa’s Annex, being foodies we ventured into something different for us to try. Dimsum Break recommends their rice toppings, which their best seller is the Steamed Fried Rice. I went for that option, while Martin like any man wants their meat; chose the beef steak rice toppings.

Upon entering, I was over whelmed by different kinds of dim sum which greeted me upon entering the restaurant. Typical fast food ambiance, self serve, can seat quite a lot of people and comfy.

The steamed fried rice topping, admittedly I had set an expectation due to the “hype”. However, it didn’t live up to the “expectation”. It wasn’t bad, nor was it extra ordinary, but it was reasonably enjoyable. It had pieces of pork and seafood swimming in a bed of their special sauce. Best eaten when mixed thoroughly. I guess what makes people keep coming back is how they are affordably priced. One bowl is enough to fill up a hungry tummy.

Dimsum Break - Steamed rice

Dimsum Break – Steamed rice P65.00

Comparison can’t be helped. The beef steak rice is a nice option for meat eaters [or who prefer beef over pork]. Slices of beef, also bathed in some kind of sweet sauce. I prefer the steamed fried rice than this one. Martin likes his order than mine. It’s really ends up in your own preference.

dimsum break2

Dimsum Break – Beef steak rice for the man P65.00

Lastly, what is a visit to Dimsum Break without ordering Dimsum? I had set my eyes on their pickled vegetables and pork siomai, while Martin wanted the shrimp toast. First things first, THE pickled vegetables? It was delicious! The amount of sourness and sweetness was balanced well, and the vegetables still remained it’s crunch. Something that I remember eating another [but] authentic Chinese restaurant in Manila. The name escapes me, sorry.

Pickled Vegetables P55.00

Pickled Vegetables P55.00

Both dim sum was enjoyable too. Despite the lack of hype in my palate, we still ended up enjoying our lunch that day. Something to remember and a place we just might go back to, when we start craving for dim sum or that pickled vegetable.

Shrimp toast P65.00

Shrimp toast P65.00

Pork Siomai P65.00

Pork Siomai P65.00

Till my next food post!



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