Weekend Bites: We Love Manang’s Chicken

Weekend’s for the Travelling Hello Kitty and Travelling Gundam is never complete without Manang’s Chicken. For yesterday’s Saturdate, they decided to go jogging around Makati, and luckily Travelling Hello Kitty remembered that there was a near Manang’s restaurant in Jupiter Street Makati. Not too far from where she lives.


Checking out the counter, Travelling Hello Kitty spotted something new called – The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich. The meal cost around P120 which includes chips, your choice of dip and your choice of softdrink.




It was only during Hello Kitty’s 5th bite of the chicken sandwich that she realized, she wished she had ordered ala cart instead. Personal preference. The chicken burger is a moist chicken fillet, with my choice of sauce – mild spicy, topped with coleslaw and mayonnaise on a soft bun.

There isn’t much to say about it but, it was just simply good! I would definitely order it next time. Even Travelling Gundam wished he had ordered the same, as he second the motion that it was better than Mcdonald’s chicken burger.

But here’s Travelling Gundam ready to pounce on his 2 piece chicken meal.


And after many many weeks of waiting, Travelling Hello Kitty was finally able to try THE Red Velvet Sundae!


Travelling Gundam may have posed with Hello Kitty’s Red Velvet Sundae, but he did not get a piece to try for himself. He-he! Nothing spectacular about this dessert, but it’s enough to satisfy a sweet tooth / craving. Red velvet freshly baked, and as you reach the bottom lies a squeeze of fudgy chocolate, topped with their vanilla sundae with sprinkles. YUM!

Do you love Manang’s Chicken as much as we do? Share away~




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