Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled Cookies

Having seen the Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled cookie for a long, long time. My significant other and I finally decided to give in to temptation a few Saturdays ago. And why not? It’s not everyday, or even every weekend that we get to indulge into something so calorificly (if there’s even such a term) sinful.

In my mind, I had high hopes on this cookie.

Inside our shopping cart.

Inside our shopping cart.

Hello Kitty say’s: “I did not like this version, and I will stick to the Chewy or Chunky variant instead.” The brownie simply tasted weird.

Gundam say’s:  He didn’t like it warm, but when he brought it home. He enjoyed eating it chilled. Admittedly, between the brownie filled? I too, prefer the Chunky and Chewy cookie too.

Some like it, other’s don’t. As for our verdict? Well, at least our curious palates got to try it, and together we say; “NEXT COOKIE PLEASE!”




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