When In Korea: Buy some Market O Real Brownies!

Sharing another one-of-a-kind ‘pasalubong’ from my sister, from her layover in Korea a few days ago. Being a first timer in visiting various countries, her ‘motto’ when buying us goodies [food]. She wants to play it safe, by buying a box or two for us to try. The first one was the Galaxy Flutes, and now Market O Real Brownies [Korean brand]. I sense, the reason behind this purchase was because of its cute packaging. Hehe!

I mean, won’t you be enticed as well? Look.

One box contains 8 [or 7] pieces of small individual brownies.

My first bite was taken out from the refrigerator, and I noticed that there is a thin layer of chocolate. To which I thought; “maybe this would taste better when popped warm in the microwave?”. And it was! There isn’t really anything spectacular about this cutely packaged dessert, but if you have a sweet tooth like mine, or craving for something sweet? This will satisfy any chocolate/dessert craving.

That is, if this was locally available specialty stores here in MNL.


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