Revisiting: Suzu Kin

Last week, I celebrated my 30th birthday with my significant other. And for our food destination, we decided to go back to basics. Meaning, finally trying out the restaurants listed in our bucket list. One of which was, a place that I’ve been wanting to revisit for the longest time – Suzu Kin. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant has been around since 1981. A Japanese restaurant where my mom used to bring us when we were younger. I remember entering during lunch time, and the place is always packed with people.

When ordering, there were no menu’s at that time since you can find them written in chalkboards adorning the walls. Well, that was during my time. I was surprised, that the menu system had changed but the ambiance hasn’t changed one bit. Okay, maybe the paint job made the whole area seems more brighter, but everything else was like stepping back to my childhood. Tables, chairs and even the staff has been there through the years. Loyalty award please.

Now on to the food.

Suzu Kin is well known for their soba noodles and buttered oyster, which I made sure to order for myself. Best eaten with rice, but quite good too as an appetizer.

Buttered Oyster P205

Buttered Oyster P204

I also ordered salmon sashimi and nigiri sushi for the both of us. I wasn’t too crazy about the salmon, as for the nigiri sushi, it was okay. Nothing outstanding, but still worth ordering in case you want to visit the restaurant. My significant other seemed to had enjoy it a lot though.

Nigiri sushi P165

Nigiri sushi P165

For M’s main dish, I told him to order the beef gyudon. To which I “know”/ knew was their best seller. Sadly enough, it was a disappointment.

Beef Gyudon P165

Beef Gyudon P165


Overall, it was still a pleasant food adventure with my food buddy. Price wise? it was still relatively affordable as our bill was around P1,000 or less. Not bad at all.

Suzu Kin is at the corner of Sampaloc St. Pablo Ocampo, Makati.

(walking distance from Mcdonald’s Kingswood Pasong Tamo)

Till my next food adventure!




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