Must try: Cafe Shibuya’s Choco Lava Cake

One of my not-so-recent food discovery for the month of September, was during my birthday celebration with my significant other. After having our dinner at Suzukin Makati branch, we were supposed to go to SM Jazz to have my cupcake fix at J. Cuppacakes. But instead, he suggested to go to Glorietta instead and finally try – Cafe Shibuya. 

Lava Cake P175

Lava Cake P175

The thing about Cafe Shibuya’s lava cake? Personally, the cake was baked just right and upon serving, you can already see fudge oozing out from the cake. To put it simply, it’s enough to satisfy one’s sweet craving for some chocolate fix.

While I haven’t really tried a lot of lava cakes, Cafe Shibuya was sinfully and orgasmically good. Good is an understatement. I highly recommend for you dear readers to try it out. This was indeed the perfect way to cap off my birthday.

One order is good enough for sharing, but if you are greedy go ahead and indulge. But like what I always say, “it’s always best to share with someone you love”. In short? Let’s get fat together! Hehehe!

Till my next food adventure!



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