Something New: KFC Philippines introduces Spicy Gangnam Chicken

KFC Philippines introduces another chicken flavor that will surely entice those who love Korean flavored chicken – KFC Spicy Gangnam Chicken. I wanted to try KFC’s version to see how it compares with the well-known BonChon (but I’ve yet to try Kyochon soon).

I was hungrily enticed with their poster, as it said that it comes with chicken rice and coleslaw.

normal_kfcI asked if I can have 2 pieces of the Korean chicken, which they willingly accommodated. Price wise, I can’t remember the exact amount I paid for, but it was around P100 [or a little bit more] ala carte. Upon claiming my order, it didn’t sink in it to me that my meal was supposed to go with coleslaw and chicken rice. I just came from work with a hungry tummy, and when hungry often times arguing is pointless.

Anyway, here’s what I was served earlier. See photo below.

IMG_8539I’m guessing they used their spicy chicken and then glazed it with the Korean sauce. If you plan to order this dish, it is best eaten with coleslaw to cut out the sweetness. Admittedly, it doesn’t compare with BonChon as it has a different taste, but still quite good.

Despite the disappointment, I’m glad KFC Philippines came up with this new flavor. I’m sure this will be well perceived by people who loves ‘malasang or saucy chicken’.

You know who you are 😉


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