Taqueria 101

Hola Mi Amigas! Mi Amigos! It has been a long hiatus yet again. But anyway, let me share with you our new favorite Mexican restaurant, located along Dona Soledad, Betterliving Paranaque – Taqueria 101.


Taqueria 101 is a quaint Mexican restaurant, with an in your face vibe Mexican ambiance. Still, making sure to have that date night ambiance you and your sweetheart can enjoy. The husband and I were able to try it for the first time last June 18, with no expectations just purely in the mood for a celebration after our daughter’s successful first birthday party. Their menu is straightforward, since we both love nachos that was the first thing we thought of ordering. We both agreed on their nacho fundido at P280.


Home-made nacho chips, queso, crema, cheese sauce topped with jalapeno. Ordering this for the second time, we both agree that this can serve 2-4 people, as we cannot finish the entire plate. As for the taste, (for us) it was love at first taste (so to speak). If only they can squeeze in more cheese inside this volcanic nacho fundido, it would be much perfect.

We also tried their chimichangas during our first visit, sadly it was a miss for the both of us. Their soft taco – Ox tail was pretty darn good too. It had bits of chicharones, and it tasted so sinful and “classy” at the same time (no photos). The next dish we tried during our second visit was the bacon quesadilla. We like the cheese they use, if only it’s possible to make it “gooey-er” it would be perfect. We’ll try other quesadilla’s next time.


To sum up our Taqueria 101 experience, you can definitely tell that by the ingredients they use, are very fresh and not your usual Mexican food. They use contrasting ingredients, that works harmoniously giving it a unique twist to  your usual Mexican food.


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