Jam and Viet Sandwich House (and more)

Hello fellow foodies, and happy new year!

I haven’t been giving my food blog some love for the past few months, hopefully 2017 will be my year of regular blog posts for both my blogs. Anyhow, let me share with you this hole-in-the-wall restaurant, not-so quietly tucked in the busy streets of the Makati Business District. 


Jam and Viet Sandwich House can be found at Mascardo St., Pasong Tamo Makati

Jam and Viet Sandwich House – just a stone’s throw away from where I work. Convenient for when you are craving for Vietnamese cuisine, or would rather choose this over Mcdonald’s late at night. I have been frequenting this place for a few months.

Having tried almost all their Pho’s (pronounced as Fa’), their beef pho’ still remains my favorite.

Hu Tieu – Vietnamese pork and Seafood soup


Unfortunately, the only seafood present here is the shrimp. While missing ingredients may be excused, thankfully the broth tasted as good as the beef pho (but in a different way). Price wise, all relatively under Php200.

I have also tried all of their Bahn Mi’s; traditional, egg with pate and chicken and barbecue, while I don’t have a favorite, their Bahn Mi’s are all quite good. The baguette is  crunchy and chewy, just how it should be. I just wished that their pickled veggies had more oomph to it.

Not only do they serve pho’s and bahn mi’s, they also have fresh/fried spring rolls and Vietnamese fried rice. Rarely, they would have Vietnamese dessert.

While I haven’t tasted authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Jam and Viet will not disappoint your hard to please taste buds.


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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