Kumori Toyohashi Pudding

There is something about Japanese desserts, that is so impressively done. Simplicity at its finest!  When I crave for cheese tart, I go to the place where I think the best cheese tarts are made – KUMORI.

I say the best because, I have tried Pablo’s and well let’s just save that for another post. My finicky taste buds prefers / LOVES Kumori’s version better. But this post is not about their cheese tart, but rather something not so new that I discovered a few weeks ago.


Toyohashi Pudding – Velvety and smooth pudding, sitting on a thin layer of melted caramel. If you think about it, toyohashi pudding is like our local version of leche flan.  It’s not too sweet, but even if it was I wouldn’t really mind.


A bottle of Toyohashi pudding – original 

I simply love everything about it. The husband loves their chocolate version, and orders it all the time. As for me, I have found something new to love at Kumori.


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