Old favorites never die

While there are a lot of new restaurants to choose from, there is that one place that always keeps me coming back. It may be because of the food. But the real reason that keeps me coming back is the childhood memories that I grew up with.

Pancake House.

The scent of freshly cooked pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup? Ahhh. Nostalgia. I am taken back to the 80’s once again, where my mom always brings us to the Greenbelt 1 branch back then. The one beside Dulcinea and Luk Yuen. Every time, we’d order the same thing; pancakes, meat spaghetti, waffles or salad. But what makes Pancake House even more nostalgic is how the walls are used to be surrounded by huge movie posters. Now days, those movie posters are no longer seen in other branches. Change is inevitable.


While change is to be expected, I sure hope that the classics remain in the menu. Thankfully, in the usual branches I go to; Walter Mart Makati, Makati Med branch and Glorietta, the food has been consistent. My usual orders would be the Fiesta Taco Salad, Meat Spaghetti, Chicken with asparagus sandwich or my new favorite – grilled cheese sandwich. But of course, what’s a visit to Pancake House if you don’t order their Taco’s. They may not be a Mexican restaurant, but for me their taco’s are the best.


Now that I am a mom myself, I love bringing my husband and daughter to Pancake House. It’s something I want her to remember and hopefully cherish as she grows old.

How about you? Any favorites from Pancake House?

Share them below!



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