Gringo – Chicken, Ribs and Friends!

January 21, 2017 – Weekends are meant for spending time with family and good food, which I usually do but last Saturday was something else. It was a discovery of something new at a not-so unusual place. 


It wasn’t my first time to try Gringo’s famous chicken and ribs. But I have to admit, food is best enjoyed eating over at Gringo’s place. Their first branch is located at SM North Edsa, and recently opened their newest branch in SM Megamall which is still a relatively convenient place to go to.

As soon as we entered, a server welcomed us and said out loud, “Ola!” and then everybody else will shout the same. Immediately, you already feel at home and the servers are very accommodating. We were greeted by the friendly PR people and introduced us to the man behind Gringo, Mr. Reagan Tan. The perks we had was that, we were the very first to bring home their special sauce called – Sauce Mio! Ay caramba! It was addicting indeed.


Gringo’s signature sauce – lemon lime and spicy lemon lime

Normally in other events I attend to, they already have a menu provided but this was different. Redge (the pr woman behind moistpr) told us that we can order anything in the menu. We were then provided Gringo’s best-sellers, all laid out on a table for us bloggers to take photos of.  It is overwhelming when they said that we can order anything, but my husband and I decided to go with the dishes we can compare with other restaurants for comparison sake.

For starters, we ordered their Nacho Grande. When they said grande, they weren’t kidding. What I like about Gringo is how they can manage a competitive price with value for money.



Nacho Grande is a sure winner best shared with family and friends

Gringo’s version is unique on its own.  Signature chicken, mole’, cheese, garlic sauce, bits of cilantro on a bed of crunchy nacho chips. FYI, served on a humongous platter. Okay Gringos, you have my full attention! Haha!

The percent of cheese to nachos could’ve been better. I hope they note next time to pour the cheese evenly to the chips. Otherwise, it was an experience. My husband and I now have two Mexican places to go to for when we need to satiate our nacho craving.  I highly recommend it. #nachomonsters

We still can’t believe at how it is affordably priced and same goes with everything else on their menu. For my main dish I ordered half ribs with 2 sides. Below is a photo of different sides that they offer.


ribsNothing really extraordinary about it, nonetheless the marbled potato and mexican rice was both good. I smothered my ribs with their sauce, and it became even more addicting as it already was.

My husband had the slow-cooked beef burrito and said, “it was good too.” He said it was comparative with Taco Vengo. Which for me say’s a lot since I think Taco Vengo has the best burritos in the Metro (in my opinion at least). We would’ve wanted to pair our meal with some beer which was uniquely served, but opted for ice tea instead.


To cap off our meal, it was a choice between a queso ice cream and mango sticky rice. Both of which I find rather odd for a dessert list. Still, we ordered their best-seller  (mango sticky rice).


Despite the oddness of it, I loved the simplicity and how the ingredients blended well – like a perfect marriage.

Just a side note, for the parents who plan to bring their babies, do not fret! Gringos is a kid-friendly restaurant. They have two food items for kids and most importantly, they have high-chairs. I am definitely looking forward to bringing our little one next time, and hopefully cross fingers that I don’t forget my camera to give justice to food photos.

Thank you Gringos. It was a pleasure dining at your “home.”



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