About the Lady Explorer


The Blogger behind Adventures Of A Lady Explorer and Inside A Cat’s Mind

Warm Greetings from the Adventures Of A Lady Explorer!

Hello Everyone! My name is Kate and I’ve been blogging about food favorites and discoveries for the past 3 years. If you are wondering what I do for a living besides blogging, I am an Editorial Assistant for a Home and Wellness Magazine. I also do part time work for our family business; A photography, PR Consultation and Destination company.

What can you expect to discover in my blog? Like most food bloggers out there, I will be writing about my travels and food experiences all over the metro and around the Philippines. In addition, since I am living my best to live a healthier lifestyle and food venture. I will also share my adventures in my fitness journey. Discovering new healthy eats in the metro! 

So welcome to my humble blog and I hope you join me in this yummy and healthy food adventure. 

If you wish to contact me for inquiries, events, product review. Feel free to  hit me a message anytime at: hellokitten035@gmail.com 


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