Invasion of Korean Chicken: OPPA Chicken

Fried Chicken is enjoyed by the young and old. And when one needs to satiate their chicken craving, established pioneers like Jollibee’s Chicken Joy  and KFC (original recipe) comes to mind. But then there’s the Korean chicken invasion – Bonchon and Kyochon are the first game changers for such. Who would have thought that Koreans make better versions of fried chicken?If you love Korean chicken like I do, you should know that there’s a new chicken place that opened in the Metro last November 2016 –OPPA Chicken!

They currently have 2 branches, one is located in Pasig and the other at The Fort Strip Bonifacio Global City (BGC). We visited the latter with high expectations. After all, they claim to have very very good chicken.


Oppa Chicken is beside K-PUB BBQ (their sister company). Being first timers, we ordered Tteokbokki and the executive plate which consists of; ribs, chicken, gravy and soup.


I have tried Tteokbokki at different Korean restaurants, and OPPA makes theirs slightly different. First, it wasn’t as spicy as I’m used to and that they top it with cheese. It was so good. Their rice cake wasn’t as firm though, but still enjoyable. If your kid is feeling adventurous, they can try this out.

We ordered the executive plate thinking, we will be getting the best of both worlds. Apparently we didn’t.


It was regrettably unsatisfactory. The ribs was burnt, and the fried chicken almost like chicken joy. I guess we were expecting something “different”. What made this dish underwhelming was how the gravy and soup tasted so mediocre. I’m sure they can do better. After all, they are still on Soft Opening.

After a few bites, my husband and I both decided to order 8 pcs of one of their best-selling chicken- YangNyum. Maybe we should have ordered the Soy-Garlic or Snowing Cheese instead? Nevertheless, it was enjoyable. Saucy yet crunchy to the bite. Best paired with rice, and also comes with chicken mu. In translation, pickled radish.



The interiors are nice, and the staff are very accommodating and friendly. Best part is that they have high-chairs available for kids.

If in case we are in the area again, we’ll definitely give OPPA Chicken a second chance.




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