Dinner date – everything chicken


  It’s been quite a while, well a long long while since I made a haul, and if you’re wondering why or when? not anytime soon my readers 😦

  I’m actually saving for a dress for a wedding that I was invited to, 2 months from now. So things I’m saving on besides a dress are shoes, hair color and a future make-up haul. I just don’t want to impulse buy anymore since the BF and I are saving up for a our house and we need two years to come up with 200k before we could move in there (somewhere in Paranaque).

  Anyway, with that aside we usually meet up for dinner and play DOTA after (haha). For tonight’s or rather yesterday’s dinner we ate at KFC Pasong Tamo, Makati near our place. I was craving for the Italian Roma, unfortunately they said it’s Phase out. I was like? What?? how can you phase that out? hehe. So I opted for the creamy pasta bowl and mushroom soup. BF had the fully loaded meal twister.

DSCN1796                                           Mushroom soup P28

   I was really really happy that they served the soup HOT and with crunchy croutons. One serving of this can definitely fill up the tummy.

DSCN1797              Creamy tomato pasta with drink P90

     Of course, for a fast food chain you can’t really expect gourmet pasta right? but for this one, it is definitely creamy and a mild taste of tomato sauce. Good combination, the parmesan can make it a little too salty for others, but I liked how the flavors complimented each other. As for serving size, pretty decent, but can depend how hungry you are.

DSCN1798                          BF’s fully loaded meal with twister

    Too hungry that I am, I didn’t take picture of the twister and forgot how much his cost, probably not more than P150 pesos. Their hot and spicy chicken sure is no joke, it’s so spicy that it kicks in at the end. Next time I promise to take more decent pictures when we eat out.

  And at the end of the meal….


DSCN1800 DSCN1801                                                     la-la- L-O-V-E 


       Just one more day before my rest day and I’m not sure if I’m happy about it. Well, happy that I get to rest, but I won’t be seeing my baby boy Piccolo anymore. I’ve found a new owner for him, and she’s pretty too. I trust she will take care of him, just like the other owner of Piccolo’s brother Peewee.

   Anyway, how have my avid readers been lately? what’s new with you? take extra care okay?


  Till then!




14 thoughts on “Dinner date – everything chicken

  1. Kitten says:

    @justine: thanks, same here. It's not really practical to go on expensive dates and besides it's still decent food right? we only splurge twice a month. @sugar sugar: yeap, i want more soup. haha! aww, thanks for the compliment. ^_^

  2. Midge says:

    How can anyone go wrong with KFC?! Oh, and if you can't stand the Hot and Crispy, the Chili-Lime (Is it still available.) is great, too. Not too spicy, but very nice.

  3. Kitten says:

    @Lady E: Wala pa nga eh, haha. Papunta rin ako ng work niyan.@Midge: Haha, true true. I think it's stil available, we haven't tried it, we can take the heat naman. Will try it out then.

  4. kay says:

    Love the last photo. So cool he makes faces as well. Haha. The KFC dinner date … had one of those and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's really all about the person you are with.

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