Ayala Triangle–Musical Christmas Light Show

Today has been a tiring day, but to sum it up it was a great day of ‘relaxation’. Reason why I said ‘relaxation’? Well carrying a lot of gadgets in one big bag is tiring, but what’s a gadget geek to do when she loves bringing all her babies right? But tonight was the exception as I really wanted to try night photography and at the same time, test out my Canon Rebel T3i 1100D’s capabilities for a night photography. I’m not a professional really, I just simply love taking photos and sharing it with people.

Christmas season is just around the corner, among the many Christmas events happening in the Metro, we braved Ayala Triangle’s Musical light show. It’s a must see, although a word of caution, expect a lot of people embracing the Triangle. I’m fine competing with people trying to take photos, but annoying people dancing in the middle as if the light show was a disco is another story. Ugh!

So without further ado, here are some photos I was able to take pictures of during the show.

A few minutes before the show started…



And the show begins…







I know these photos don’t do any justice for the show but in case you are interested to watch. The Musical Night Show is from Monday’s to Sunday’s 6-9pm



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