Travel Destination: Captivating Marinduque

Saging lang ang may puso! [A familiar phrase that we Filipinos commonly say on rare occasions].

While that phrase may be true, If I may say ‘hindi lang saging ang may puso‘. The Philippines too has a heart, and you can find it at the breathtaking province of Marinduque. Admittedly, it was only then that I discovered that this province was the heart of the Philippines. Because the first thing that comes in my mind is their well-known festivity called Moriones. The province is indeed rich in historical and religious culture as legend has it that, Marinduque was formed as a consequence of a tragic love affair between Mariin and Gatduke. As told by our tour guide, Mr. Dindo Asuncion-Tourism Officer.

Boac, Marinduque -I have finally visited the heart-shaped island province and I must say that it was a breathtaking experience. I was asked by my mom to accompany her for a business travel trip last January 10. While it was a ‘short-lived’ adventure of three days and two nights, the destinations we were able to capture was enough to pique our interest in unearthing this province in hopes of visiting again soon. Traveling to Marinduque can either be by land or air. However presently their airport is still being fixed but runway should be ready sometime in March. In case you opt to travel by land, travel time is round about  5 to 6 hours long- three hours from Manila to Dalahican Beach in Lucena and then 2 hours from Lucena port to Boac.

The view from our window seat reminds me of UPLB Los Banos. Zig zag trails with lush green forest going to different towns, and our first destination was at Boac Hotel to meet with mother and daughter tandem- Governor, Carmencita Ongsiako-Reyes and Congresswoman Regina Ongsiako-Reyes, hotel and restaurant owners, LGUs and private sectors of Marinduque. On our next day was an ocular of tourist destinations, and like always a visit to old churches is a must. Boac Cathedral is just right across the Boac Hotel where we had an amazing dinner courtesy of owner, Carmelita Rejano-Reyes [will feature a separate post for my food adventure]. During our ocular at Boac Cathedral, there was an on going wedding but that didn’t stop us from taking photos of the majestical details surrounding the church. It was an eyesight to behold. Another reason to visit Boac Cathedral is the patron saint of Marinduque– Ina ng Biglang Awa. Our tour guide, Mr. Tony Monteras said that: Marinduqueños believe that they were spared from the Supertyphoon “Yolanda”, as it was supposed to pass by the island. Apart from churches, we were able to visit schools, Poktoy beach [white sand beach] and a few hills over looking the sea. The hills were impressive as the wind blows hard on your face.

We don’t know how and why but this province has almost no beggars in sight, another positive thing to note is that their roads are well maintained. But the most noticeable observation all throughout our trip was, how Marinduqueños keep their surroundings clean. Well, there were a few short comings but I strongly believe it can still be improved.

Truly impressive! If this is the heart of the Philippines [and it is], I hope and pray that we embrace this kind of attitude that Marinduqueños have.  

Boac Cathedral

Boac Cathedral


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